Borrowing Against Home Equity

Today, many Ontarians are struggling financially. The downturn of 2008 has led to job losses and other economic hardships for many families. When money is scarce, credit problems often occur -- and a bad credit rating can compound the problem, making it impossible to get a bank loan or second mortgage.
Private Lenders: Borrowing Against Home Equity
However, if you need money to get you through a rough patch and you own your own home, private lenders are often able to offer you a short term loan. Even when the bank rejects your application, a private lender will usually allow you to borrow against the equity you have in your house.
So, if you need cash to pay down debts or to renovate in order to resell your home, a private lender can help. Look for a lender that offers a variety of services that will support you as you put your financial house in order, including:
  • Credit and mortgage counseling
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexibility in financing choices and
  • Wide choice of mortgage options
Consult with a private mortgage broker to learn more about private lenders today.


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